Spring Bass Fishing

Spring bass fishing is about as good as bass fishing gets. The bass are hungry, aggressive and easy to catch. This is when the bass move from the depths into the warm shallow water where they will feed for the first time in months and spawn. It is also a time when hormones activated by the warmth cause some very aggressive behavior in males. They will strike your lure even if they aren’t hungry at times, simply because they won’t tolerate the presence of other fish around it, especially if they are still guarding their nest.

Make sure you check your local regulations for spring bass fishing season before heading out because it is illegal in most states to fish during the spawn.

As soon as the shallow water temperature reaches 60 degrees, spawning commences. The biggest bass are the first to start constructing their nest. They build their nests in 2-8 feet of water by sweeping an area with their tail. Bigger bass usually spawn in the deeper areas. Bass are naturally inclined to choose a rocky or gravelly spot to nest but will spawn on sand or soft bottoms if required to. Remember that the big bass get first pick at the best spots. Bass will start to spawn if the temperature stays around 60 for a few consecutive days, if there is a cold spell during this period they will retreat back to deep water and have to start all over again when the weather permits.

During the spawn, females will continue to feed after they have laid their eggs while the male will not. He will guard the eggs and the fry (baby bass) without eating until they are ready to go on their own. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch a male though. Simply putting a lure in its nest area may cause it to attack. It must defend against all intruders and if that intruder is your lure then he will attack it. This may take some persistence on your part but it is a proven method. Just make sure it is legal to be fishing during the spawn in your area.

The males will guard their fry for two to three weeks, but lucky for us, their aggressive hormones will last a bit longer. When spring bass season opens, the bass will still have their super charged aggressive instincts left over from spawning which makes spring bass fishing so much fun.

Start your spring bass fishing efforts in 2-8 feet of water on the northwest banks of a lake as well as major creek arms. Look for places with lots of cover and structure. As in any time of year, bass need things to hide around to hunt effectively.

Spinner baits and jigs are my bait of choice for spring bass fishing, but crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater poppers are also effective, just remember to retrieve them slowly – more so in the early spring then later. In the early spring, bass are still a bit sluggish. They are still shaking off the winter blues but their energy levels pick up as the water gets steadily warmer and they eat more.

For more information, check out this article: Spring Bass Fishing

Your Holidays Survival Guide

It is the time of season again, the traffic, the stress, the parties and family dinners. The holidays, for all the joy that they offer, come with the excess baggage of dread that goes with the days leading up to them. Often there are travel arrangements and plans to be made, scheduling conflicts and that is just dealing with family. There are holiday parties with friends and the business parties you need to represent a brave face to your employers and fellow co-corkers. Maybe you are hosting a party or family dinner; that makes it even more complex.

Everything should be just so in order to impress your guests and make them feel welcome on these special days. Did we forget the shopping? That is a whole other depth of dread complete with traffic jams, long lines and harried hotfooting. It is all enough to make a person go mad. But it is the season to be jolly, no? The most difficult thing for some people to do during the holidays is to actually enjoy them while they are on-going. All of the hoopla seems to engulf some to point of absolute breakdowns. It is important to make sure you give yourself time to settle down and take time to reflect. For instance, rather than go traipsing around from store to store by yourself, make a date of it with friends, with dinner or drinks involved afterward.

You would be surprised what good company can do to change a partly dreadful experience. Keep your schedule as loose as possible. The year is 365 days long, that doesn’t change. You still have to go to work or take care of your home as well as be present for your family or loved ones. Don’t over schedule, under schedule, stay flexible. You don’t have to commit to every single engagement. Remember it more vital to take care of yourself before you can take care of everyone else.

Hope you have fun on your next adventure!

Survival And Emergency Tips

There are few things to remember in times of emergency, and it is best if you are always prepared since you cannot tell when such emergency situation strikes you.

1. Always have a standby emergency kit. Make it available at all times with enough supplies and at least three to seven days of stocks for every member of the households. The emergency kit should at least include all the necessary items required for human survival such as can goods, water, flashlights, can opener, disposable eating utensils, battery operated radio, emergency instructional manual and a standby fully charged mobile phone with numbers of those individuals to contact in times of trouble. Include the special items indicated for your family members such as prescription medicine, feminine hygiene, diapers for small children and others. Have a standby amount of money inside your emergency kit also and be sure that you will not be using it.

2. Design a strategic plan for your premises. Orient your family members on the things to do and the things to prioritize during emergency situation. Specify the numbers of individuals your children should contact in times of emergency. Specify their numbers and places. At home, children should be instructed on how to contact this person during emergency situations. Plan another meeting location aside from your own home. This is to ensure that your plan will not be ruined because of miscommunication or failure to gather because of opposite directions. It is best if family should practice such task to prepare everyone during crisis situation.

3. The emergency kit should be prepared and stocked in a dry and cool place. Ensure that the foods are on their fresh manufacture date. If possible, avoid placing this kit in your garage due to shifts in temperature. The water should be replaced between three to six months and smoke detectors installed in your premise should be checked by a technician in a monthly basis. This is to ensure that your security alarm systems are updated in times of trouble.

4. Since today is a crisis day, it is best to ensure that your valuables are protected. List down all your expensive valuables including appliances, gadgets and jewelries. You can even take pictures for additional proof. Store any legal documents and documentation in a safe place where fire of flood cannot damage them. Such place includes your relative’s house, bank vault or time deposit box.

5. Have a tangible copy of important documents. This is most important to items like your personal identification cards such as social security card, driver’s license, tax identification card, land title, marriage contract, baptismal and birth certificates, diplomas and other legal documents which you find necessary. This is for fire protection. If something happens to your house, valuables or family members, you will not experience difficulties in the claims such as insurance and others.

6. Ensure that you and your place are ensured. There are a lot of insurances covering individuals to houses nationwide. Such insurances are available during disaster of natural calamity. Other companies offer insurance more than the worth of your properties so it is better to have one. Make sure that you are updated in terms of the payment scheme so that you can claim in times of trouble.

7. Lastly, never ever forget about your pets. They are part of your family also. Include them in the emergency precaution and action plan designed for your family. Some households give less priority to their pets than their property during crisis. Love your pets like you love your children and be kind to them.

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Considerations about Buying Rvs

The fun and thrill of RV ownership is a growing trend among baby boomers and today’s younger generations. RVs (of all types) offer the freedom to travel on a budget, while having all the comforts of home with you. It’s not surprising that RVs are increasing in popularity these days. In essence, they are an economical choice for traveling and for full-time living options.

Because this can be a major purchase, it is not one that should be made without careful consideration. For instance, you should consider the way you plan to use the vehicle. If you will only be using it on occasion you will need to make provisions for storing the RV. Even if you will be living in the vehicle full time you will need to consider the costs of maintenance, park rentals, and insurance. You will also need to consider how many people the space must accommodate.

Arm Yourself with Information

Making the decision to buy an RV is a wise one for anyone that enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. However, the more research you do prior to making your purchase the more you will know and understand about RVs and the lifestyle they can provide for you. Empowering yourself with information will prepare you to make the best decisions related to the type of RV that is right for your particular needs and desires.

Although your initial research is likely to begin with online explorations, attending RV shows and visiting quality RV dealerships will provide opportunities to investigate all your RV options. In this way you can do up close and personal comparisons of the various manufacturers, models, sizes, options, and prices.

Some of the things you need to consider include the following:

* How you will use the RV

* The number of people the RV should accommodate

* Your budget

* Your wish list for options and amenities

* The storage needed for the vehicle

Visiting RV and camping related websites and online forums can be a great way to learn some of the basics about RVs and the pros and cons of various models. That can give you a better idea of what will be right for you and which options may be unnecessary. It is also a great way to learn which RVs have a reputation for holding up over the years and which tend to have higher maintenance costs.

The Costs of Owning an RV

Just like other things in life that are nice and enjoyable, owning an RV does come with some built-in expenses. You will need to consider the storage of your vehicle when you are not traveling. Depending on where you live, there may be restrictions on keeping an RV parked at your home. And you should consider the fact that weather can be harsh on an RV. Storage options range from having a garage built to accommodate the RV, to paying for storage, parking the RV in a camp and recreational park or even renting the vehicle out to friends when it is not being used.

Insurance is another consideration. If your vehicle will go for long periods of time without being used you may want to investigate the option of lowering the coverage during those time spans. Typical maintenance and repairs, as well as gasoline and other expected costs should also be considered. It is important to know that RVs depreciate in value much like cars do.

Final Thoughts and Considerations about Buying Rvs

RVs come in all sizes, from the very small and compact to large luxury models. And each of these vehicles can be ideal for meeting specific needs. The more you learn about RVs the easier it is to determine which are right for your needs and budget. While one traveler may prefer driving his RV, another may want an Airstream Travel Trailer that can be towed behind an SUV or truck. When it comes to RVs, there’s truly something for everyone.

Blake Arbogast is an RV expert. He freely shares tips and advice about all types of RVs. For information about Airstream Travel Trailers and low prices on RV parts and accessories, Arbogast RVs in Troy, Ohio is the leader in the industry.

Camping Guidelines

Camping is an excellent outdoor recreational activity. Basically for camping, the campers leave urban areas, their home district, or civilization and enjoy nature while spending one or several nights in the great outdoors. Camping involves the use of a tent, cabin, caravan, motor home, a primitive structure, or no shelter at all (minimalistic). Camping is an awesome activity as well as it having some complexities. Therefore campers should acquire some basic tips and principal guidelines on camping. Here I have drawn some basic camping guidelines: Backpacking: The general principle of backpacking for camping is taking lighter weight items that would be at the bottom of a backpack and heavier items would be at the top, close to the body. The gear needed and how it’s packed will be dependent on the type of trip planned and the type of conditions a person plans to go in. Like, if you are planning to be scrambling or hiking off-trail on rough terrain or snow, you might want to pack the lower weight items to ensure the free movement against the center of gravity. However, while backpacking for a general camping don’t forget to take below mentioned things

Sleeping bag
Clothes depends on weather or temperature
Tents and tarps
Food, cooking utensils and fuel
Essential items ( sprays, repellant etc) for the protection from mosquito’s and insects
Personal items

Camping tips:

Don’t buy cheap camping equipment and tents just to save a few dollars, for such non stability or lower grade products you may be in bigger trouble if poor quality tents for example collapse when you’re hit by a sudden storm. So, it’s best to buy durable and high quality camping gear that you can rely on.
At the campsite, don’t leave food unattended for this may attract bears. Close encounters with bears and other wild creatures is one thing you want to avoid during camping trips. Be sure to put away any surplus food or food containers before you go away from the tent or before sleep.
Try not eating inside the tent. This is a precaution to avoid the small but horrible insects like ants that will follow trails of crumbs inside your tent and will possibly feast on your skin. To keep safe from snakes don’t forget to keep phenol in campsite.
You should protect yourself from mosquitoes and other harmful insects which are common residents in forest areas. These awful insects being as tiny as they are can cause different kinds of diseases like malaria and dengue. Be sure to pack sufficient insect repellent and to bring a tent with mesh screens to protect yourself from mosquito.
Never use or attempt to illuminate candles, cook or use gas lanterns inside your tent. This is awfully hazardous and may start a fire.
Select a safe and well known campsite. Don’t go for isolated areas that are very far from your region. There are many camping spots which are fully safe and secured and may have a security guard to keep you safe even at night. However if you’re the adventurous type and love to go camping in the middle of the forest or far from civilization, it is wise to take suggestion’s from fellow campers to choose such adventurous camping spots.

When writing this article I found some great information about hiking and camping equipment and Camping backpacks at www.Smart-Camping-Guide.com

Top Tips For Retail Survival

How to survive in retail during this current down turn, every magazine or paper you open is full of the state of the economy and how bad everything is. Likewise, there is almost a sense of glee when reporting on companies that are making drastic cuts in order to stay afloat. Some tips to reflect on – but first:

Imagine your favourite fruit tree, we will picture a plum tree (my favourite). Someone goes mad with the pruning cutter, what happens, do you get any fruit? No, and the result of these cuts, the plum tree will decline and fade away. Let’s look at the issue of pruning and make some comparisons with the current economic climate. If you cut to deeply or in the wrong places the business will fail.

There are smart ways to make cost savings, but remember to make sure any cost cuts are a team effort. You are the leader of your business, keep your staff aware of what’s going on and always maintain a postive front. Don’t make cuts that put the quality and integrity or your organisation in jeopardy.

Perks for management should be the first to go, put salary increase’s on hold, cancel all bonus payments. Lead by example and send out the message, we are all in this together.

Take a hard look at cost items. Examples are expenses (hotels etc), equipment purchase, rental cars. Travel for meetings. Stay put, cut out unnecessary travel where ever possible. Use e’mail, the telephone,conference calls as alternatives. If a meeting is vital make them smaller and plan for much shorter travelling time. Car share if at all possible.

Put a hold on staff recruitment, especially in administrative roles. If at all possible combine jobs, even if this is for a short time. Give staff incentives to double up on work as long as they can handle it. Often you will find that you really don’t need that extra person, and you will save on overhead costs.

Communicate with your staff, seek solutions from them. Ask people to come up with their own cost-cutting ideas and reward them when they do – by giving a percentage to the one that came up with the idea, or a flat reward, I have done this many times, it is very powerful and works big time.

Review staff salaries and benefits. Tread carefully here and ensure that everyone is sharing the load and be open and fair handed with all. Do not mess around with the morale of your people. Never under any circumstances cancel a celebration, special event or rewards ceremony. It costs nothing to reward employees, lift their morale, pay attention to them and ensure they feel valued.

Insist that your managers/supervisors spend time on the ‘shop floor’ with employees. Buy them a coffee, send them a note of praise. These gestures of thanks and appreciation keep employees on side and loyal during difficult times.

Consolidate – if you have multiple retail outlets, reveiw them for their overall profit contributions. In some cases, terminating leases and closure of some locations stops the avalanche of expenses. Likewise, if you have planned retail openings, put this on hold and delay the opening this will conserve cash flow and save huge amounts.

Instead of advertising, look at public relations instead. In many businesses in can actually have a better result at a fraction of the cost.

Honestly reveiw and assess your staff, are they all in the correct role for their skill base and talents? Look at ways to re-position and re-train where necessary, they are your direct link to your customers and as such a huge asset.

Convenience retail owner manager with expertise in the forecourt business and hospitality. Staff in these businesses have formed the foundation, the glue that holds the operational side of things together. They did not start off that way. There was some pruning, assessing, development and then training, the assessing never stops it is the only way to keep on target, along with recruitment of the right people.

Ohio Bass Fishing

One of my all time favorite places to fish is the state of Ohio. Although the bass tend to be bigger in the south, Ohio produces huge quantities of largemouth, smallmouth, striped and white bass; More than enough for any serious bass angler.

Some of the more popular lakes for Ohio bass fishing are Knox Lake, Lake La Su An, Turkeyfoot Lake, Tycoon Lake, Acton Lake and Ross Lake and Lake Erie.

Lake Erie is a great lake for Smallmouth bass. Kelly’s Island, Cranberry Creek , Camp Perry , along the shorelines by Cedar Point and Sandusky Bay are well known for holding bass in Lake Erie, as well as Portage River which feeds into the lake.

Knox Lake is one of the best Ohio bass fishing lakes for largemouth bass. The upper portions of the lake are plentiful with brush and trees in the water. You can easily catch big largemouth bass from shore. Using crankbaits works well here. There is however an 18″ catch limit but it is easy to catch bass above 18″ here. The lake has a high population of largemouth bass.

Lake La Su An is the Ohio bass fishing community’s favorite lake. The largemouth bass population here is so high that people claim to have seen as many as 60 largemouth bass come out of the lake each day. There are large schools of bass all over the lake, so many that there are no restrictions what so ever on catching them. If you don’t have a boat, no worries, using a nightcrawler off the shore has worked great for this lake.

Turkeyfoot Lake is well known for its large size bass. They say that using top water lures works best for Turkeyfoot lake. The lake is 52 feet deep at its deepest point. Long Lake is also very close and is very good as well.

Tycoon Lake is a shallower lake that tends to warm up quicker than the rest. This lake is great for early spring Ohio bass fishing. Because of the 18″ minimum requirement there is a good population of big bass. Shallow water levels allow for wading into the water or fishing from shore with equal chance of success as using a boat. The lake lies between state routes 325 and 554 five miles northeast of Rio Grande. A ramp for smaller boats is off township Road 21 west of the dam and where county Road 17 runs north to the lake. Access is from state Route 325 by Eagle Road. Access off state Route 554 is from township Road 20 (Vaughn Road) and County Road 17 (Tycoon Road).

Ohio bass fishing is thriving. If you are planning to do some Ohio bass fishing yourself you can find even more on the subject, including a wildlife fisheries biologist’s list of the top four lakes in southeastern Ohio for finding big, hungry bass, visit this article: Ohio Bass Fishing

A Few Travel Survival Tips

It’s a jungle out there! This may sound a bit too exaggerated but if you just think about it, it takes a lot to survive a day in a foreign city without experiencing a mishap of some kind.

Wherever you go, you need to know basic survival skills. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a tropical jungle or an urban jungle, the fact remains that only the fittest survive unscathed.

Play by the rules. Everywhere you go there are rules to follow, don’t cross the line and you will be fine. Most of these rules are not always written in the rule book, which makes it a little challenging for visitors to identify. You don’t have to always know them point blank – all you need is a good gauge for acceptable behavior and there’s no better gauge than the locals themselves. As they say, “when in Rome, do what the Romans do.”

Don’t call attention to yourself. Crooks are good at sizing up their victims. Tourists usually are easy target. They don’t know the area, they usually carry a good amount of cash and they are more than willing to be assisted by the friendly locals. If you don’t fit the profile, crooks won’t even notice you.

So, try as much as possible to fit in with the locals or at least appear like you’ve been living there for a long time. Appear confident and walk purposefully – like you have a destination in mind. Do not look around like you are lost and don’t go waiving that big tourist map around.

Know the dangers. When in a dangerous situation, the prey either fights or flees. You can’t do neither if you don’t know that you are, in fact, in danger. It pays to know the common tourist traps in the area. Research your destination and heed the warnings of previous visitors. There are numerous travel forum and travel guide materials that will point out what you should be on the look out for.

Join a tribe. Affiliations can help avert danger. Befriend your concierge or hotel staff. They are a rich source of information of where to go, what to do and what to avoid. If you are in a bind, you can easily contact them for help or assistance (if you have no better choice, that is).

Since crooks only target lone travelers, going out in a group at night keeps danger at bay. Just make sure to choose your company well because they may be the kind that starts trouble.

Learn distress signals and know how to give one. As much as possible, know the important numbers of authorities that you can call when you get caught in trouble such as the police, emergency rescue, tourist assistance and your country’s embassy. Being able to call them at once spells the difference between disaster and a lucky escape.

Stock up on your knowledge of travel survival tips and make sure to keep them in mind when on a trip and your traveling will be much more fun!

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Higher Demand of RVs

Many used RV dealers pick up a significant portion of their inventory by buying foreclosed RVs. They look for ones in good condition, clean them up a little, fix any minor problems, and then sell them for much more than they spent to make their profit. Avoid paying their mark-up and buy a great foreclosed RV yourself for much cheaper.


A repo RV is the same thing as a car that has been repo-ed, or a house that has been foreclosed on. It is an RV that has been taken back by the lender (or repossessed) and is now being sold by them so they can get rid of it. Many times these RV repos are sold at a deep discount so the lender can get them off their books.


Quality. Some manufacturers make better quality new vehicles than others. Used RVs are the same. Some are not only in better condition, but they are also made with better quality. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a new RV, you generally end up having to buy one of lesser quality. Instead buy a repossessed RV and get both the better quality and the better price.


The RVs are the second home for so many people and they enjoy almost all the facility they could at home moreover with the plus point of being mobile. These days even the reputed resorts and also the hotels are allowing the private RVs in their space as a temporary residence of the traveler. The very plus point of these vehicles is that it gives a great chance to make the routine life fun in the holiday mood. Apart from being used for the traveling and wandering purpose, they are also used as the home for the elderly people who are not able to afford the home loan or even the auto loans to have their own home or vehicle.


Recreational vehicle is the Rocking and sizzling vehicle of automotive industry. This is because this vehicle has grabbed the attention of all the customers and auto buyers from the market. There are number of reasons for the growing demand and importance of RVs and among all the different reasons specification and specialization consist of greater proportion. Due to these factors there is greater demand of RVs in the market and because of the greater demand the market is filled with number of RVs for sale. All the varieties of RVs are categorized under different heads for further clarifications.

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